"Legit actress, Driggs-Hall delivers the most rounded, believable performance..."- Variety's review of the feature film, "Poundcake".

Meet Deshja

Deshja was born in Miami, Florida but decided to trade the sun and ocean for the concrete streets of NYC. She is an actor, writer and an award winning voice over artist.



"Driggs-Hall, new to Studio, is a professional actress, and one can only hope to see more of her now. Her Toni is wild, volatile, yet never merely crazy. She’s always relatable and always on the edge of being sympathetic."- Gwen Orel/Montclair Time local review of "Appropriate" by Branden Jacobs-Jenkins.

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​"Driggs-Hall is a whirlwind of energy, cracking jokes with perfect timing and imbuing Jackie with a lovable, quirky vibe."- Backstage review of the play "Bring us the Head of Your Daughter"



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Short film, Radley, Premieres at The 2021 Austin Film Festival 

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    WINNER of Broadway Worlds 2019 Regional Theatre Awards. 

     "Best Actress in a Play" for the NJ Premiere of "Appropriate."


 Voice of Pinkfoot- character on PBS KIDS

           " Pinkalicious and Peterrific."

2019- Lead in the short film, "The Unraveling of Margaret Fisher".


 February 2019- present- voice of PNC Bank

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But twists are not all this play has to offer; playwright Deshja Driggs-Hall as Marci and Troy Hall as Eric render raw and bone chilling performances as a husband and wife on the verge of losing it. Both tender and violent in its intensity, Stuck will haunt you long after you have left the theater." StageBuddy Review of Stuck by Deshja driggs-Hall